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​​Our teams deliver the hands-on help needed to complete a wide variety of healthcare stocktaking projects, allowing your team to keep focused on patient care. 

  • Extensive experience in healthcare stocktaking
  • Healthcare stock takes completed day or night
  • Every auditor fully trained
  • Understand the need for accuracy
  • Stocktaking Services

  • Merchandising

    The hands-on resources to keep your stores fresh.



Pharmacy and Chemist Stocktaking counts for hospital inpatient, outpatient and retail pharmacies/chemistsPharmacy and Chemist StocktakingGP0|#cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a;L0|#0cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a|Healthcare;GTSet|#4f6522b7-1662-487f-98c8-4db4ed99fd33GP0|#8bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c;L0|#08bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c|Inventory Services;GTSet|#f5936df3-3c60-4af9-a953-8db7c87a41d1
Medical Device Inventory stock, assets and medical devicesMedical Device Inventory GP0|#cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a;L0|#0cbcefce5-63ad-4ec4-826d-0b7c3c3d301a|Healthcare;GTSet|#4f6522b7-1662-487f-98c8-4db4ed99fd33GP0|#8bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c;L0|#08bfa22fc-c5ad-45cd-837d-b74bbd2abf0c|Inventory Services;GTSet|#f5936df3-3c60-4af9-a953-8db7c87a41d1




Hospitals & Integrated Health SystemsHospitals & Integrated Health SystemsFrom the largest hospitals to the smallest clinics, we provide stocktaking services that keep your team focused on patient care.
Long-Term Care Facilities​Long-Term Care Facilities​We perform quarterly and monthly stock counts at closed-door pharmacies, providing detailed reporting and accuracy you can trust including nursing homes and prison pharmacies.
Medical Device ManufacturersMedical Device ManufacturersYou can count on us to manage your stocktaking and audits, from distribution to consignment checks. With healthcare specialists throughout the UK & Ireland we can perform efficient audits that saves you time.
Pharmacies and ChemistsPharmacies and ChemistsWith experienced healthcare specialists using proprietary hand-held wireless device for electronic data collection, you will have accurate stock data.